I began my yoga practice at a young age. I was certified this past April at age 17 through Wellheart Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program under the supervision of Leslee Clark.

I love vinyasa flow style and this drives my creative sequencing. I have studied under master sequencers like Gretchen Campos and Heidi MacVane at Greener Postures as well as many others. I take variations of my favorite sequences while creating classes that are uniquely my own. I always encourage my students to nurture themselves, work at their own pace and listen to their bodies, I also challenge my students to find the edge of their own practice and to work with equal effort and ease.

I am an accomplished equestrian- I have ridden since I was seven years old and also a trapeze artist studying with schools both here and abroad. The combination of studying those two disciplines for years has given me both balance and strength which translates into my asana. I love the freedom and movement that yoga brings. The dedication to my asana practice at a young age has changed my life and shapes my teaching style. Yoga has been an essential building block in my development as a human being. I love to spread the love and healing power of yoga with other aspiring yogis. The most liberating change that yoga has brought to me is the equanimity to be less reactive in stressful situations, to look at things with a broader perspective and to be kind to myself on and off my mat.