Frequently Asked Questions

Why donation supported yoga?

Ten years ago Yogave was born, we thought it would be in line with the yogic practice to offer donation supported yoga. We offer a sliding fee for individual classes $7-$10. Monthly passes $55 and up.  We believe the practice of yoga is invaluable to our well being. Our goal is to share this opportunity for self care, discovery and health. We are the first and only donation studio in the state of Maine.

How much should I donate for a class?

Today’s donations provide for tomorrow’s classes. Our classes are not free, but are about 50% less the price than for-pay drop in studios. This helps a demographic that may not afford to take daily/weekly yoga classes. Our donation box is set up so that each donation is anonymous.  It is truly the “honor system” and another opportunity to practice the  yoga of giving. We accept cash, check or MC/VISA/DISC.

I have no flexibility and out of shape, should I still try yoga?

Absolutely! Many start yoga with little flexibility, yet feel the benefits immediately.  The cumulative benefits of yoga calms the nervous system and slows the busy mind through breath. When we practice yoga, our bodies are given the space to move in ways that are healing. Our lives can become balanced and peaceful. Practicing Yoga once a week can change our body. The practice of Yoga a few times each week can change our lives. Look at the schedule page for “new to yoga/beginning classes marked with ** All participants must be able to engage in physical exercise for 60-75 minutes, independently.  Folks that cannot participate in an all levels class fully, should consider one on one private sessions. Yogave’ offers these at $60 per hour. contact

Where are we located?

170 U.S. Route 1, Falmouth, Maine. There is a very large sign in the front of the building on Route 1, that has 170 on it.  Drive to the back of the building and use the entrance marked “J”.  We are the first door on your right. There’s plenty of free parking. It’s best to arrive no later that 5 minutes before start time to set up your space on the yoga floor.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.  Dressing in layers is a good idea, as you may get warm during movement. In consideration of other participants, please arrive fragrance free.

What do I need to bring?

For sanitary reasons, bring your own mat (yoga is done in bare feet).  the studio has mats to borrow. We ask that you disinfect our mats after use.  We also have blankets, blocks, bolsters and other yoga equipment for your use.  If coming to a vigorous class, bring your own water and towel.

Is this studio a non-profit organization?

Not at this time. We are practitioners and teachers of yoga sharing in a donation model. Our goal isn’t to be a model for profit, but an environment where yoga is available for everyone. That is why each donation is so important for sustainability.

On cell phones-

Allow yourself to be free from distraction by turning your phone to off. This includes notifications. Ring tones/cell vibrations are distracting to teachers and participants. Thanks for understanding.

Can I practice if I am under 18 years of age?

Under 18 participants must have parent accompany them to class. It’s not appropriate to drop off teens to practice alone. Teen’s bodies are growing at a rapid rate and need more attention so that injury does not occur during an adult class. If you know a group of yogi-teens that want to form their own group class, contact us and we will be happy to talk!

Where do I find information on class cancellations?

If in doubt (holidays/weather/substitute teachers), check out our Facebook page announcements are posted there.

 Lost and Found-

If you think you left an item at our studio come back to the studio and ask a teacher to assist you with lost and found. Because our studio is small and we don’t have storage, we hold items for 10 days before disposing.