Frequently Asked Questions

Why donation supported yoga classes?

We believe the practice of yoga is invaluable to our well being. Our goal is to share this opportunity for self care, discovery and compassion. By providing donation supported classes we seek to offer the yoga experience to everyone, so pay as you can – we believe some will pay less and some will pay more – thus creating a sustainable model through donations.

How much should I donate for a class?

Today’s donations provide for tomorrow’s classes. We suggest a donation of 7-10 dollars; however, we leave this to you in our donation model.  Area yoga studios charge in a range from 12-16 dollars each. Please donate what you feel is fair and can afford. You may always ask what you can do in lieu of monetary consideration to promote and support our efforts. Our donation box is set up so that each donation is anonymous. We can make change for you if necessary and accept “Venmo” transactions. No one will be turned away.

I have no flexibility, should I still try yoga?

Absolutely! Many start yoga with little flexibility, yet feel the benefits immediately. Yoga calms the nervous system and slows the mind through breath. When we practice yoga, our bodies are given the space to move in ways that are healing. Our lives can become balanced and peaceful. Practicing Yoga once a week can change our body. The practice of Yoga a few times each week can change our lives.

Where are we located?

170 U.S. Route 1, Falmouth, Maine. There is a very large sign in the front of the building at the Falmouth location that has 170 on it.  Drive to the back of the building and use the entrance marked “J”.  We are the first door on your right. There’s plenty of free parking. 

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing. There’s lots of stretching, so you want to be able to move freely. (You do not need to wear “yoga” clothes.)Men tend to wear workout shorts and shirts. Women tend to wear something stretchy or loose and comfortable. Some of our vinyasa classes are more intense than others so be prepared to sweat. Our studio is small and we have many who are “nose” sensitive or allergic. Please be mindful of strong perfumes, after shaves, marijuana scents and body odor.   

What do I need to bring?

If you have a mat, bring it along! If not, the studio has mats available. We also have blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps. (You may bring your own as well.) We also provide small towels.

Is this studio a non-profit organization?

No. We are practitioners of yoga sharing yoga in a donation model. Our goal isn’t to be a center for profit, but a warm, safe environment where yoga is available for everyone.

Why no cell phones?

Our studio is one large room, therefore if a cell phone goes off, it will disrupt the class.  Please try and remember to leave your phones in your vehicles or turn them off as you enter the studio.  We appreciate it.

Can I practice if I am under 18 years of age?

Yes! The first time you attend a class you must have a parent or legal guardian with you for registration and signature.  Once your registration form is complete you may come back anytime on your own.

Where do I find information about weather-related cancellations?

Please email Kelli at, check out our Facebook page, Yogave’ Generosity Yoga, or check in here at for updates.

Can you help me find Lost and Found items?

If you have misplaced an item, feel free to email Kelli at  or ask any instructor present to check the Lost and Found Basket located behind our entryway desk.

While we are not responsible for any lost item, we will do anything we can to reunite you with your belongings! If your items are not claimed within 30 days, they will be donated to a local charity or given away.

Thank you!