Studio Etiquette


We suggest arriving fifteen minutes before class time to allow for transition into the studio and onto your mat. This helps us to begin and end our classes in a timely manner and occasionally our classes do fill.  Arriving early also allows you to check in with the instructor to ask for help or ask any questions you may have. We have yoga mats, straps, blocks and blankets available.

Please leave your shoes in the trays near the door before entering the studio. If you must leave a class early, please let the instructor know in advance.  If you arrive late for whatever reason, it’s okay.  We just ask that you enter quietly.    Our only exception is our Restorative Class. Restorative Class offers relaxation, quietude and meditation. As a result, we cannot have interruptions. 

One note: Our studio is small and we have many in our community who are “nose” sensitive or allergic. Please be mindful of strong perfumes, after shaves, marijuana scents and body odors.

Click on our FAQ link for answers to other commonly asked questions.

Thank you for supporting our donation supported yoga studio.